Help us root out corruption

Update 4th Feb 2019:

Please support your Masjid at this difficult time. The corrupt management committee has unjustly sacked Imam Abdul Sattar and caused a commotion inside the prayer hall.

At Zuhr time on Saturday members of the committee tried to force the imam from his position which resulted in the overwhelming majority of worshippers to come to his defence.

This included one comittee member shouting “he can’t pray” whilst charging towards the crowd protecting the imam.

Once everyone settled and Imam Abdul Sattar lead Zuhr, there were approximately 10+ lines of people joining the congregation. The committee members proceeded to do their own prayer afterwards with 10-15 people. It is overwhelmingly obvious that the surrounding community wants this corrupt committee out. The mosque is there to serve the community, not for the management committee to run a public place of worship for their own motives.

To see some of the methods used by the committee to unjustly come into power:

Corrupt Elections

Video evidence is being reviewed by the police. Please pray that our masjids across the country become free from those that wish to corrupt it and use it for their own personal agenda. Ameen.


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبراكاته
Celebration of our Imam’s 20 years of leading the prayers in our Masjid.

Our beloved Imam Abdul Sattar has been serving our community for the last 20 years. He is loved and respected by young & old and his tireless dedication and beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran is an inspiration to all of us.

It is an honour and privilege to have him as our Imam and we look forward to the next 20 years.

Please join us this Friday (18/01/2019) at 7pm to celebrate this important milestone.

Refreshments will be served.
Wembley Members

Please join us outside the main entrance of the Masjid every Friday to protest against the corrupt management committee. We need your help to show that a place of worship should not be used for personal agendas and is here to serve the surrounding communities.

We call upon the worshipers to come to the Masjid regularly, especially Juma but to cease donations to the Masjid temporarily until the management committee have given the members of the Masjid a fair, free election. The donations of this Masjid fund the activities of those who have unjustly held and lead positions within the Masjid.

Examples of this include intimidating members of the masjid and the imam with letters that include content such as:

“It has been pointed out that you have been involved in contacting regular attendees of the Masjid personally and through leafleting informing them not to donate their charity money to Wembley Central Masjid. Please note in the Masjid incurs any loss of income then we reserve the right to claim those damages from you further.”

– Management Trustees

The above is one of many examples that have been sent out to members who protested against the management committee. Some letters which have had solicitor input may well have resulted in spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds for the purpose of coercion & intimidation against anyone who is protesting and voicing their opinions not in favor of the management committee.

Of the many examples around the world where a call to boycott was voiced, when was the last time you heard the affected organisation threatening to claim money back from the protester?

Note that the Imam at Wembley Masjid has diligently, sincerely served the community here for over 20 years! There are many who come to Wembley Masjid for his beautiful recitation and welcoming character. Those who’ve had the pleasure of getting some sweets, snacks and tea after the prayer will attest to his cheerful character. May Allah preserve him, Ameen. This particular management committee who have come in the last few years have an agenda to remove him and people who help him. Over the past year this has mainly been enacted by false accusations against the Imam by the management committee. This will be documented to this site soon, in order to show the struggle of the Imam. No doubt these are serious cases of intimidation and bullying.

Another example of where charitable donations go to is funding salaries for the people which the management committee have given roles to. In a normal scenario you can understand the mosque needs to hire people to work diligently and honestly to serve the community. What then of the staff which don’t even sit in the office during the prescribed hours? This is ofcourse not in their interest, they would rather keep the office shut with excuses so people can not apply for membership.

Lastly the waste is not limited to the charitable donations of the Masjid. Note that in line with their agenda of intimidating anyone against their policies, they have called the Police to the Masjid on over 5 occasions. There have been no physical altercations on any of those occasions but most importantly the police have had no outcome whatsoever from being called to the Masjid. An example is here:

The police have been called to ‘mediate’ a dispute. Not only have the management committee used charitable donations for their own selfish plot but wasted public money & resources. Could the police have been better utilized attending a burglary or other crime?

We look to change this for the better, and promote not only a fair election but the handling of membership applications. The membership application process has been designed to put hurdles and systematically reject applications that would increase numbers against the management committee.

Our letter in detail to the management committee is here.

Please read about our experience of last years election here.

See the latest update of the peaceful protest at Wembley Masjid here.